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Shop the Sweetheart Event at Gause & Son Jewelers

Join us for a curated selection of perfect gifts at the Gause and Son Jewelers Sweetheart Event now through the end of day February 14th, 2024.

The Sweetheart Event at Gause and Son Jewelers

LOVE is in the air at Gause and Son Jewelers with a special Sweetheart Event featuring the charming designs from Shy Creation and other favorite brands. For seven decades we’ve offered special and unique jewelry items and gifts for the loved one in your life. We offer free gift wrapping, custom orders and are happy to do sizing so your jewelry works just for you. 

The Sweetheart Event features special pricing on several wonderful Shy Creation pieces: rings, necklaces and bracelets. Heart rings–with options for yellow gold or rose gold–are a delicate and enchanting piece. The Shy Creation mini heart pendant necklace adorned with diamonds totaling a half-carat, is available in either white gold or yellow gold. Both of these selections have reduced pricing to help you celebrate the day and give the perfect romantic gift. 

We also carry the classic Shy Creation heart diamond stud earrings and a one-carat diamond tennis bracelet. Any of these choices would make your sweetheart very happy. 

In addition to the Shy Creation options, we’ve chosen a few Monica Rich Kosann pieces for this assortment as well. 

The petite “Diamond Star” gold locket necklace is an 18-carat, yellow gold locket adorned with a lovely diamond star. It’s a glorious statement piece. Or consider the “Adventure” silver locket with two images and to engrave an initial on the back.

When elegance and luxury are your choice, make the choice for Gause and Son Jewelers.


Valentine’s Day history goes back to the 1400s, and the more modern takes for the holiday keep the focus on romantic love. It’s a holiday that’s celebrated all over the world. Hand-made cards in the 1700s evolved into printed cards later, and the addition of gifts of flowers, candy and jewelry started in the 1800s. Today, people give many of their loved ones special gifts–and here at Gause and Son, we can help you select the perfect piece of jewelry that will show your love forever. 


Shop Shy Creation at Gause and Son Jewelers

This year, we’ve chosen SHY CREATION as our featured designer for this special Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Event. Named for artisan and jewelry creator Shy Dayan, the brand has become a stellar collection that evinces modern luxury. 

Shy began his work as a master jeweler who created couture-quality pieces. His reputation started with signature yellow diamond pieces and his focus is on statement pieces and impeccable craftsmanship. The brand is striking, unique and has a young, fun appeal. His jewelry is luxurious without being fussy; charming without being overly cute; and makes a statement for any wearer.


Contact Us or stop by to see these lovely Shy Creation pieces. We’ve been your hometown diamond and jewelry store for over seven decades. Located in Downtown Ocala, we serve Ocala, Gainesville, residents of The Villages Community® and throughout North Central Florida.


Generations of families have trusted us to celebrate life’s most important memories and moments. We love jewelry and making people happy. We invite you to visit us and experience a better buying experience.


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