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The Gause Experience: The 4 C’s of Diamond Buying

The 4 C's of Diamond Shopping

Those in the market for a diamond—an engagement ring, an anniversary necklace, graduation earrings—have likely heard about the 4 C's for buying diamonds. The cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are part of a professional grading system, elements that come together that affect a jewelry piece’s impact. The 4C's also affect the budget, naturally.


Gause & Son Jewelers offers this introduction on these important terms for diamond shoppers.

A diamond’s cut refers to the quality of the stone as it was shaped. It also means the proportion, polish, and symmetry of the diamond itself. A diamond’s brilliance is measured by its cut because it affects how the stone reflects and interacts with light.

It’s easy to be confused when some mistakenly use this term to mean shape. Cut actually does not refer to a diamond’s shape. Whether you select a round, oval, princess or marquise shape for your stone is a different choice in your process. A diamond’s shape indicates only the outline of the stone. A diamond’s cut is about the stone itself; the shape is about its outline.



Color refers to any hint of color in the stone. You can buy truly white diamonds or find ones that have a touch of yellow or even pink. The range of color moves from faintly colored diamonds to the classic no-color diamonds that have that classic “iced” appearance. The less color there is in a stone, the more expensive the diamond.

If you prefer a color to the stone, that’s a valid choice. For example, if you select a silver metal for the setting and ring, then a diamond with a touch of pink might be a good match. Or one with a distinct blue-ish tone with silver can be gorgeous. Select the color range that you like that compliments your personality and style.



Diamond clarity refers to any “inclusions”, which are small imperfections within the stone. Those imperfections are called blemishes when they’re on the surface. These inclusions seldom affect a diamond’s beauty because they’re simply not seen with the naked eye. Jewelers use a microscope with at least 10X magnification in order to see and grade them. Diamonds are graded on a Clarity Scale that ranges from flawless to slightly included and included. But the presence of inclusions—or the lack of them—affect the clarity grades with attendant price tags. The fewer inclusions, the higher the price and value of the diamond.



And one aspect of diamond quality that most everyone is aware of is carat weight. A metric carat weight is 200 milligrams and divided into 100 points from there, allowing for precision and clear pricing. A diamond’s cut can also affect size and using carat weight is a good guideline to start with. Of course, carat weight clearly has the largest impact on a diamond’s cost, so if you choose your carat weight early in the process, this will help you narrow your selections.

There are also ways to create good value with carats because bigger doesn’t always mean better. Also, the wearer’s hand size can affect how a diamond shows. For example, someone with large hands and a size 9 ring finger will show a diamond differently than a person who wears a size 6 ring.

With over 70 years’ experience, we’re family-owned and operated. We pride ourselves on being Ocala’s hometown jeweler. We have decades of experience, service and offer you trustworthy guidance for your jewelry selection. We’re happy to help you with these important decisions and offer hand-selected, premium quality pieces; loose diamonds; a trade-up program; and we have a GIA graduate gemologist on staff.

When it’s time to buy a diamond, trust Gause and Son Jewelers.

Our goal is to create a no hassle, one-stop diamond purchasing experience.

We offer:

  • Hand selected for Premium Quality

  • Loose Diamonds for Purchase

  • Diamond Trade Up Program

  • Expert Diamond Setter/Master Jeweler In House

  • Customized Bridal Design Available

  • Free Point of Sale Appraisal

  • GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff

  • Free Cleaning and Inspection

  • Financing Available

We’re here to help you make a jewelry choice you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Stop in the store or call us with any questions at 352-732-8844.


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